Litter Announcements

Katie Bar’s Male Pups

Katie Bar’s pups
All Girls

Tinka’s Pups, boy on the left, girl on the right

May Day Puppies Are Here!

Tinka Toy whelped 1 boy and 1 girl. KatieBar whelped 3 boys and 3 girls. 4 girls and 4 boys!  They are beautiful! Watch for photos to follow!

If you would like to reserve a place on our waiting list, please email or call 804-641-0279.

May Day Tinka Toy

May Day Tinka Toy       PLL & SCA CLEAR

Northgate Saxon

Northgate Saxon            PLL & SCA CLEAR

May Day Tinka Toy X Northgate Saxon

  • Both are JRTCA National Champions with excellent pedigrees
  • Both come from excellent working/hunting backgrounds
  • Tinka – 2016 10 ½ – 12 ½ Super Earth Champion at JRTCA National
  • Saxon – 2014 JRTCA & JRTCC Nationals Reserve Best Working Dog
May Day KatieBar d’ Door

May Day KatieBar d’ Door    PLL & SCA Clear

Piccadilly Ringer

Piccadilly Ringer      PLL & SCA Clear

May Day KatieBar d’ Door X Piccadilly Ringer

  • KatieBar – 2015 JRTCA National Puppy Racing Champion
  • Ringer – 2014 JRTCA National Puppy Racing Champion
  • This cross will merge some spectacular racing dogs including May Day Hitch & Will BQuick.
  • Combined pedigrees include May Day, Piccadilly, Jacks BQuick, Camerton Hall, Hart Farms, etc.
Will BQuick

Will B Quick  – Sire of Piccadilly Ringer

May Day Hitch

May Day Hitch – Sire of May Day KatieBar d’ Door

            TWO RACING GREATS!

Watch for upcoming photos!

We take the responsibility of breeding very seriously and our breeding program has been carefully selected for natural working ability, correct conformation, performance, and over-all temperament.Wayne and Nita May