Virginia Jack Russell Terrier Club (VJRTC)

The Virginia Jack Russell Terrier Club (VJRTC) was founded in 2004, from the efforts of a handful of Jack Russell Terrier enthusiasts across the State of Virginia, and serves as an affiliate of the Jack Russell Terrier Club of America.

We are an advocate of the mission of our National Club, the JRTCA – which is to Preserve, Protect and Work the Jack Russell Terrier. Wayne currently serves as Board President of the VJRTC.

Jack Russell Terrier Club of America (JRTCA)

Link to the JRTCAThe Jack Russell Terrier Club of America (JRTCA) is the National Breed Club and Registry for the Jack Russell Terrier in the US. They are the largest Jack Russell Terrier club and registry in the world.

The JRTCA and its registry were founded in 1976 for the purpose of protecting and preserving the unique characteristics and working heritage of this great little terrier. The Club is, and always have been, emphatically opposed to recognition of the Jack Russell Terrier by any kennel club or all-breed registry. May Day Jack Russell Terriers is a JRTCA registered kennel.

American Working Terrier Association (AWTA)

Link to the AWTAThe American Working Terrier Association (AWTA) was founded in 1971 by Patricia Adams Lent in order to encourage and promote the breeding, hunting, and ownership of terriers of the correct size, conformation, and character to perform as working terriers.

From modest beginnings, the organization has grown to include over two hundred members and holds field trials across the country and throughout the year. By promoting the use of terriers and dachshunds for earth work and above ground hunting, the American Working Terrier Association hopes to encourage breeders to retain the hunting instincts which make these breeds characteristically “terriers”.

Jack Russell Terrier Research Foundation (JRTRF)

Link to the JRT Research FoundationThe Jack Russell Research Foundation encourages, promotes and supports the development and/or maintenance of research related to genetic defects found in the Jack Russell Terrier by, among other means, making gifts or grants to other Section 501(c)(3) organizations engaged in such research.

Through public education their goal is to minimize hereditary disorders to the Jack Russell Terrier resulting from misbreeding.